Domiziani products are manufactured in Deruta, a medieval city in Italy's hill country. Roberto Domiziani, a visionary and remarkably talented artist, had the idea during the 1980s to combine the centuries-old local tradition of Majolica Ceramics with the never-before used medium of Volcanic Rock.

He immediately recognized the unique strength, beauty and durability inherent in both the ceramic and stone he had chosen. And with that the DOMIZIANI Company was born. 

The manufacturing process is extraordinarily detailed, from the selection of the stone, the preparation of the stone's surface, the detailed hand-painting process to the three firings at over 1000c for three 12-hour curing periods.

The hand-made nature of the product and the unpredictability of the application of the ceramic paint accentuates the natural variances in the stone. The firings required ensures that no two pieces will be exactly alike even when manufactured at the same time. This is true functional art with a unique blend of beauty, inspiration, function, and durability to be enjoyed for many years to come.

It is so rare today to find a product that invokes the concept of "heirloom"--this is that product.

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