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When the weather begins to turn and the colder months set in, there is nothing better than building a fire in your fireplace. As technology continues to transform our lives, these traditional features are often forgotten about in modern interior design, and many homeowners and businesses are forgetting just what an important role the right fireplace can provide to your room.

The right fireplace can completely transform any interior, providing you with a stylish and functional feature. Still not sure if you should add a fireplace to your interior? We have taken a closer look at some of the most significant benefits that having one in your home or business provides.

Why you need a fireplace

1) Acts as a focal point of the room

When you walk into your living room, what is the first thing that you see? One of the biggest reasons for adding a fireplace into your property is that it will become the centerpiece of any room.

The right design will become the clear focal point, no matter what the room might be or what interior design you have opted for. This creates a positive impact on anyone who walks into your home or business, creating a lasting impression on everyone.

Of course, it is not just about making a statement on your guests. A carefully chosen fireplace, even one that is subtle, can have a profound impact and help to tie all of your décor and design features together.

2) Dictates the overall interior of your home

Are you looking to renovate your home or workplace? Creating the perfect interior design is one of the biggest challenges of any project, and if you have never done this before, it can be tough to know where to begin.

Working with an interior designer will help to guide you along the way, but making it clear that you want a fireplace should be one of the first requests you make. By opting for your dream fireplace early on, you will then be able to begin building your entire room around it, ensuring it remains the main focus.

While it is possible to add a fireplace at a later date, this often ends up making it appear just that. This can result in it looking disjointed and not in keeping with the rest of your aesthetics. That is why during the design and consultation phase of your renovation, you should take the time to examine all of the various types of fireplaces you have available for you.

There is a huge array of options you can choose from, from traditional wood-burning fires to eco-friendly gas fires that use bioethanol fuel. This can be very confusing, so if you are feeling a little lost on the best fireplace for your home, make sure you speak with the professionals.

3) Cost-effective heating solution

Energy prices are soaring, and heating your home is becoming increasingly more expensive. That is why a fireplace is not only a beautiful addition to your home or workplace, but it is also a functional solution.

No matter the style of fireplace you opt for, you can use it to warm your home. Regularly keeping yours lit will reduce the need for you to keep your central heating on full, significantly reducing the amount you are having to pay on your energy bills.

4) Natural lighting

A fireplace not only helps to warm your room, but it can also offer fantastic natural lighting. While this is not as bright as overhead LEDs or traditional lamps, that natural glow that comes from burning wood or from a gas fire is a fantastic way to transform your evenings and illuminate your rooms in a calm and relaxing fashion, reducing that blinding glare that normally comes from your TV.

5) Brings people together

There is something primal about a fireplace, and as people, we naturally gravitate towards a lit fire. Adding a fireplace to your home is your chance to create a centerpiece in your home or workplace that will bring people together.

Rather than switching on the TV at night, you could instead sit around a fire with your loved ones, and you will notice that conversation seems to flow far more naturally.

6) Create a cozy environment

Not only does a fireplace help to stimulate conversation and bring people together, but it is a great way to create a warm and cozy environment, too. No matter whether it is an open fire, a wood stove, or a gas-powered alternative, watching the flames dance and hearing the crackle of the wood as it burns can be a very relaxing and inviting time.

A burning fireplace can also be a very romantic affair, allowing you to cozy up with your partner and enjoy a night in.

7) Boost your property value

When you add all of these benefits together, it helps to completely transform your property. This, in turn, can boost its value, with research showing that buyers are willing to pay more for properties with a wood-burning fireplace installed.

How to choose a fireplace

While there can be no denying the many benefits that come from adding a fireplace to your property, it can be tough to find the right option. The market is full of different options and styles, which can be overwhelming, so it is important to remember several key factors:

Wall width

The first thing to consider is the width of your walls. Choosing a fireplace that is too wide can end up dominating your room, while one that is too small does not create the same gravitas. It is important to remember to try and keep a ratio of 1:2 of fireplace to wall space when choosing yours.

Chimney access

Unless you are opting for a gas fire, another important consideration is the chimney access. Burning wood produces a lot of smoke, so you will need effective ventilation to prevent this from entering our room.


You will also want to consider the style of fireplace for your interior. Do you want a modern solution made from chrome, a minimalist option for a small room, or a larger traditional option? Think carefully about the design and impression you are hoping to achieve.

Final Thoughts

There are a huge array of benefits that come from adding a fireplace into your room.

They have been used across homes and workplaces for hundreds of years and taking the time to find the perfect solution for your property will help you transform its use and leave a positive impression on guests.