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Grill cleaning is a task that no homeowner enjoys, but it is essential in keeping your BBQ working efficiently and your food as tasty as possible. Thankfully, regularly keeping on top of your cleaning means it only requires minimal effort each time, and you will be able to enjoy the many benefits a clean grill brings.

When it comes to grill cleaning, though, where should you begin? We have taken a closer look at the best way to keep your BBQ looking its best and working efficiently.

How often should you clean it?

Before looking at some of the best methods of grill cleaning, it is first important to understand how often you should clean it. As the grill is often not used as frequently, it can be easy to forget to clean it; however, you should treat it in the same way that you would the stove in your kitchen and ensure that you are regularly wiping away stains and food residue.

This not only ensures that there is no rust or damage to the BBQ itself but also that your food does not become contaminated with the previous residue, which can impact the taste. One top tip for grill cleaning is to do it each time you use it, ideally while it is still warm, as this can help make it easier to remove food before it cools.

What tools should you use?

Grill cleaning does not require any expensive or specialist tools, and to keep your BBQ looking its very best, you will simply need:

  • A grill brush (ideally made from stainless steel and with a scraper on the end)
  • Old cloths or rags
  • A stiff nylon brush
  • Warm water
  • Standard dish soap

And that’s it! With these five items, you can keep your BBQ looking spotless and ready for your next summer celebration.

How To Clean Your Barbecue Grill Grates and Racks

When it comes to grill cleaning, keeping your grates and racks spotless is essential. These surfaces regularly touch different types of food, so to ensure the best flavor and safety, here are our top tips:

Brush Your Grates and Racks

The first thing that you should do is to brush your grates and racks. This should ideally be done as soon as you have finished cooking, and you should use your stainless steel brush to remove all food particles.

Scrape The Grates

When you have been able to brush the grates clean, the next step is to scrape away any burned-on food.

Wipe Grates Clean

After you have finished scraping the grill, wipe it clean using a damp rag. This will ensure all loosened bits are removed alongside any residue or brush bristles that might have been left behind.

Soak Them

If, after all of that, you are still finding that there is still a lot of grease and food stains on your grills, or you have forgotten to clean them in a while, then consider soaking them in a large bucket of warm water and dish soap. This will loosen any residue that has become baked-on.

How To Clean Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills are a popular choice thanks to the unique flavor they provide; however, they can be tough to keep clean.

Empty Out The Ash

One of the most important things to remember is to make sure you are emptying out any residual ash after each use. If this residue mixes with water, it can make an incredibly sticky substance that is very hard to remove.

Annually Clean All Parts

Alongside removing the ash after every cooking session, you should also make sure you are cleaning the entire grill at least once a year. Grill cleaning should be done systematically, and you should soak each area in hot soapy water before scrubbing with your brush. You should also make sure that you are wiping down the exterior to keep it in the best condition.

Make sure that you thoroughly dry everything to ensure that your grill does not rust.

Take Your Time

Grill cleaning can be a big job, so make sure that you take your time, especially if you have not cleaned it in a while. You will likely need to go through multiple scrub pads and buckets of water, which is why it is best to set yourself an afternoon free.

Most owners opt to clean their grill at the end of the summer before putting it away for the winter.

How To Clean Your Gas Grill

Gas grills are always a popular choice, and most options on the market will come with a self-cleaning setting. However, it is important to remember that this is not a complete solution that allows you to forget about grill cleaning. That is why to ensure yours remains in the best condition, you should:

Cleaning Grates and Racks Regularly

Regularly cleaning your grills and racks will make the chore much easier. That is why after each cooking session, you should wipe them clean. Gas cookers have a very high temperature, which means that food and grease can quickly become baked-on, which, if hardens, can be incredibly tough to remove.

Clean The Heat Deflectors

Grill cleaning is a time-consuming task, and it can be tempting to just do the bare minimum. One area you should not forget is the heat deflectors. These are essential in helping to distribute the heat throughout the cooking chamber, ensuring your food is able to cook evenly.

Food and grease have a tendency to drip onto these deflectors, which can prevent them from working as designed. That is why you should regularly wipe them clean using warm soapy water and a scrubbing brush.

Clean All Parts Annually

While you should clean your grill and deflectors after each use, you should also ensure that you are cleaning the rest of it at least once a year. This should include the exterior, cooking compartment, and drip pan.

To do this, use warm soapy water and thoroughly scrub away any dirt or stains. Before reassembling your cooker, make sure that everything is completely dry to prevent rust.

Inspect All Parts

While undertaking your annual grill cleaning regime, make sure that you are also inspecting each part for signs of wear and tear that could prevent your grill from working as designed.

Cover Your Grill

One top tip to reduce how often you need to clean your grill and ensure it remains in the best condition is to cover it when not in use. This will prevent dust, dirt, insects, and pollen from building up and causing damage, as well as protecting the metal from corrosion due to exposure to the elements.

Final Thoughts

There are very few things better than having a BBQ with your friends and family, and keeping on top of your grill cleaning will minimize the effort you need to put in and ensure your grill lasts for a long time.