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Flowers are a wonderful present and can be used to celebrate any occasion … but have you ever wondered what each flower really means? Show your loved ones just how much they mean to you by picking out the perfect flower that says it all. In this article we break down the symbolism and meaning of certain plants and flowers so you can pick the perfect one.

Flower Meanings


The anemone is an incredibly popular plant, but it symbolizes completely different things depending on where in the world you are. In most eastern countries and cultures, the anemone flower represents bad luck and illness. However, in the western world, it is seen as a way to protect against evil, while in ancient Greece, it was used to represent the arrival of spring.


If you are looking to add a splash of color while gardening, Aster flowers are a fantastic addition. They also have an array of meanings across the globe. In ancient Greece, they were considered a symbol of love and wisdom, with the flower belonging to the Gods. In France, they are a symbol of respect and honor, placed on the graves of soldiers.


Speaking of spring flowers, the Camellia is the perfect way to bring your home and garden alive as the season begins to arrive. The bright and eye-catching flowers are also used to symbolize faithfulness and perfection in much of the western world. In Japan, the Camellia plant is seen as a symbol of the divine, while in China, they are used to represent young children.


Chrysanthemums have become a symbol of friendship and connection, making them a beautiful gift for your friends and loved ones. They are a fantastic choice for any occasion, which is why they have become one of the most popular gifting flowers around the world.


The Dahlia plant is a popular addition to any summer garden, thanks to its colorful flowers beginning to bloom in August. These incredibly elegant flowers are used to represent grace, while they also symbolize uniqueness and independence.

Due to their flowering schedule, dahlias are also the birth flower for those born in August and are known to help represent positivity and strength against adversity.


Daisies are grown in homes and gardens across Dallas, and many of our first interactions with these beautiful plants are as a child when making crowns. These popular flowers might be very common today, but they have actually been cultivated for thousands of years, with some of the early recordings coming from 2,200 B.C. when they were grown by the ancient Egyptians.

The use of a daisy flower has a much deeper meaning. These flowers are used to represent new beginnings and innocence, so sending these to someone you care about symbolizes your hope for their future.


Coming from the Latin word for sword, gladiolus plants are a wonderful addition to your home and garden landscape. They are also a popular flower for representing power and strength, often used back in Roman times to reward gladiators in battle. Nowadays, they have become a symbol of integrity.


The hibiscus flower is often considered a very feminine plant and, over the years, has become a symbol of the tropics. This has not always been the case, and in China, the gifting of hibiscus flowers was common for men and women, designed to symbolize glory and success in the future.


Lilies are a beautiful flower that come in a wide range of colors. Each of these colors can represent a different message, but typically they are used to represent purity and fertility. That is why white lilies are most commonly featured in funerals, helping to symbolize rebirth. On the other hand, orange lily plants are used to showcase warmth and positivity.

Lotus Plant

The lotus plant is a beautiful flower that can look fantastic in any home or garden landscape. This flower grows best when it is in muddy soil in an area that does not receive vast amounts of sunlight every day.

Once bloomed, the lotus flower is considered one of the most sought-after plants in the world. What does it mean, though? Well, the lotus is steeped in Eastern culture, and it symbolizes the human journey of growth and perseverance, overcoming tough times (such as the mud) and blooming into something stunning.


The iris is a stunning flower to grow in your Dallas home and garden, helping to add a fantastic splash of color to your property. They are also highly regal flower, symbolizing power and royalty. In fact, the iris has become the official national flower of France, being used to represent French royalty since the 13th century.

The history of the Iris goes much further back that, though. Its name is derived from the Greek goddess of the same name, who was considered the messenger from earth to heaven, passing on the messages to the gods.


Although its name first appeared in 1737 thanks to Swedish botanist Carl Linneaus, magnolia plants have, in fact, been growing for over 100 million years! Over the years, the flower has grown to represent a huge array of meanings.

Magnolias are a beautiful addition to your Dallas home and garden but are also considered as a symbol of peace, gentleness, and femininity. As one of the oldest plants on the planet, Magnolias have also become a representation of endurance.


Marigolds are a stunning summertime flower for your home and garden, and the bright colors they offer are often used to symbolize beauty and optimism. This has not always been the case. In Victorian times, they were often used to represent grief, while they are still used today in Mexico as part of the Dia de Muertos event.


First appearing on earth over 200 million years ago, orchids have become synonymous with China, where they are considered a popular symbol of elegance and integrity, often gifted on special occasions to everyone from loved ones to business partners. Despite being popular in China, their name comes from the Greek word for testicles, and back then they were used to represent sexuality and fertility.


Growing peonies in your garden is a great way to add a splash of color to your property. These beautiful flowers also represent an array of positive emotions and have been cultivated across the globe for over 4,000 years. They are a popular choice of flower for bridal bouquets, acting as a symbol of romance. However, in eastern cultures, the peony plant represents honor and beauty.


The poppy flower has a range of symbolism and is used in many different ways across the globe. In many eastern cultures, the poppy plant has been used in medicine for thousands of years, famed for its sedative properties. In many western cultures, the poppy has become a symbol of remembrance for those soldiers who had been killed and injured in both the first and second world wars.


Unquestionably the most popular flower to give your partner, a bouquet of roses has become synonymous with love. Coming an array of colors, while gorgeous red color is a popular choice for special occasions for a partner, white roses are designed to represent formality and purity, while pink roses focus more on platonic love, used to say thank you to friends and family.