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If you’ve put a lot of care and hard work into planting and caring for your garden, it is probably already a work of art -- but Jacksons has the garden supplies and decor that help it show that much more of your personality and sense of fun. Want to add a touch of whimsy and fun to your garden? Try some of our many Garden Friends! We offer high quality poly resin garden gnomes, rabbits, otters and more. You’ll find everything from digging dogs to kittens that peep out of flowerpots -- plus animals such as pigs, badgers, frogs, cats and more in yoga poses. On a more serious (and very elegant) note, we offer beautiful wrought iron garden products including wrought iron planters, hanging baskets and wall baskets, trellises, plant stands and hose hangers, and many more. These garden supplies are as practical as they come, but the wrought iron they are crafted from makes them as decorative as they are useful. We also offer poly resin planters and other items that offer all the good looks of our pottery and metal items, but without the heavy weight! And they look so convincing that no one will have to know the difference if you don’t tell them. For the best wrought iron and poly resin garden supplies, as well as the cutest garden friends and garden gnomes online, shop at Jacksons today.

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