Nothing brings a sense of tranquility and peace to a garden like a peaceful water fountain. The sound of the water continuously trickling down puts everyone at ease, can put a damper on noise pollution from a nearby road or highway, and simply makes your backyard, patio or garden a place you’ll want to spend more time in. We offer luxury garden water fountains to fit your available space, with your choice of freestanding fountains, corner water fountains and wall water fountains. Choose from many different styles and colors, from more modern pieces to classic water fountain styles that would look at home in a Tuscan garden. You can choose from different water effects, too -- some of our water fountains create a simple trickle that makes a gentle murmuring sound, while others offer a stunning “Falling Diamonds” or “Ring of Diamonds” effect in which the water itself becomes part of a work of art. Whether the water fountain you choose for your patio or garden is large or small, against a wall or freestanding, you’ll love browsing the many different options we have available. Shop Jacksons Home & Garden today for your ideal luxury garden water fountain, and let it wash your stress away with its beauty and gentle sounds.