For over 40 years, FIMA has preserved the ancient traditions of using only the highest quality clay to create their masterpieces. At FIMA, the ancient Deruta traditions of hand-painting each item are observed. Each piece has a corresponding stencil that serves as a master design to ensure likeness. However, each piece is still hand-painted and thus unique unto itself. The colors of the pieces were remarkably vivid and full, and serve as a fantastic example of what beauty results when the classic traditional forms are practiced by these skilled artisans FIMA of Deruta, Italy is a small family-run studio which has practiced the art of Italian Majolica for more than 40 years. FIMA Italian ceramics are known throughout the world for their quality and unique designs. FIMA continually researches new techniques, forms and decoration, seeking to keep alive the rich history of Deruta ceramics.