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10 Tips for Starting Your Garden

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Starting a garden can seem like a daunting task, especially if you don’t have much experience with gardening. There are lots of decisions to make and it can end up being a bit of an expense, so you want to make sure you are doing everything right. With a little planning and a few helpful tips, you can create a garden that you love. Here are 10 great tips for starting your garden.

DIY Centerpieces Straight From Your Garden

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Fall is in the air and it is the perfect time to start thinking about filling your table with the colors and textures of the season. Instead of running to your local florist for beautiful fall centerpieces, think outside the box and head out into your own garden for a little inspiration. Autumn’s gorgeous palette of oranges, reds, and yellows and hints of green can make your table the focal point of the room. Here are a few ways you can incorporate the beauty of your backyard right into your own DIY centerpieces.

4 Ways to Rid Your Yard of Mosquitoes

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Spending time outdoors can be a lot of fun…that is until the mosquitoes begin taking over your yard. Not only can they ruin a backyard barbecue when they leave everyone feeling itchy and annoyed, but in recent years that have become quite a health risk due to mosquito borne-illnesses. While you might not be able to get rid of the mosquitos in your yard completely, there are things you can do minimize their presence.

10 Bulbs that Rodents and Deer Won’t Eat

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Few things are more frustrating to a gardener than spending countless hours preparing and planting their garden only to find that their flowers have been eaten by deer and rodents. This year, don’t let hungry critters ruin your garden display. Select some of the following bulbs that will give you a bright, bold display and animals won’t eat.

How to Incorporate Greenery Throughout the House

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People have an inherent connection with nature so it should come as no surprise that incorporating greenery into your home can have a huge impact on the aesthetic value of your home as well as your own state of mind. There are plenty of ways to bring greenery and other natural elements in your home in order to enhance the look and feel of the environment. Greenery can be used to breathe fresh air into the space and to add a pop of color to your home décor.

5 Colorful Flowers That Will Be in Bloom All Year

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Many people anticipate the first signs of spring because they know that means it’s almost time to bring your lush and colorful garden to life. But, what if you could enjoy the beauty of a colorful garden all year long? Having a beautiful garden every month of the year is possible with the right flowers. Here are a few of the top gardening picks for year round perennials that will add a touch of beauty to your garden during every season.

Try These Storage Hacks in Your Garden Shed

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When it’s time to mow the lawn, rake the leaves, or trim the hedges, don’t waste time searching for tools and lawn equipment. Make your outdoor chores more efficient by neatly organizing your storage shed. Not only will it be easier to find the tools you need, but it will also help keep your tools and equipment in good condition. Check out these savvy storage hacks to keep your garden shed in tip top shape.

Including Fish in Ponds and Fountains

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Having colorful and active fish in your pond or fountain can liven up your backyard and provide a beautiful water feature that will be a great addition to your home. It will add interest to an otherwise empty body of water and you and your guests will marvel at this unique display. Aside from aesthetic value, adding fish to your pond or fountain can also solve several problems you might otherwise encounter with outdoor bodies of water. Read on for more information about including fish in ponds and fountains.

Do’s and Don’ts of Pressure Washing Your Patio

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It’s that time of year when you want you to be relaxing outdoors and enjoying backyard cookouts so it’s time to get your patio in tip top shape. Pressure washing provides an effective and highly efficient method for giving your patio a deep clean. However, it can cause more harm than good if not done properly. To make your patio shine without damaging any surfaces, follow these do’s and don’ts for pressure washing.

Best Outdoor Furniture For Your Region

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Having an outdoor area for lounging in the fresh air can be nice, but sometimes the weather can be pretty rough on your furniture. Nothing can put a damper on hanging out outside quite like broken deck chairs and moldy cushions. Because of this, it’s incredibly important to make sure you’ve got the right outdoor furniture for your region. High temperatures, humidity, wind, and sun exposure can take a toll on certain materials, but luckily there’s something for whatever conditions may come your way. In the accompanying infographic, we’ve taken a look at some of the weather conditions common to certain regions around the U.S. and have matched those regions with the outdoor furniture that holds up best.