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How to Redesign Your Garden on a Dime

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Have you thought about revamping your garden but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars? There are plenty of great ways to give your garden a new look without breaking the bank. Whether it’s creating a cozy seating area or planting a few new plants, all it takes is a little creativity and ingenuity to give your garden a fresh new look. Here are a few tips for how you can create a space you will LOVE on a budget.

Mid-Summer Seeding Tips for a Healthy Lawn This Year and Next

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There is just something so lovely about a home that is surrounded by a beautiful lawn.If you have found yourself yearning for lush green grass, you’re not alone. Homeowners can achieve this dream by following some important care tips for planting grass seed. For those living in the south, the summer is an ideal time to plant some warm-season grass varieties such as centipede grass, zoysia grass, Bahia grass, or Bermuda grass. These warm season grasses are able to thrive even amid scorching sun and high temperatures. If you decide to plant such grass seeds in the summer, consider these helpful tips to ensure you have a successful lawn this year and next.

How to Manage Your Perennials without Damaging Your Bulbs for Next Year

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Flowering bulbs are perennials that provide gorgeous blooms year after year.However, they need to be cared for correctly so they will come back in the spring.While some bulbs prefer not to be disturbed and can be left in the ground for many years, others require a little more care.Here are a few things to know about caring for your bulbs so they will come back strong and vibrant in the spring.

Great Summertime Grilling Tips for Evening Grilling Activities

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Summer might be drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean the grilling season has to!In fact, now is the perfect time to be firing up that backyard grill.If you love the savory flavors of grilled foods and are looking for new ways to enjoy backyard barbecues, read on for a few of the best summertime grilling tips!

Tips for Keeping Your Outdoor Fireplace Safe and Avoiding an Accidental Brush Fire

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There is nothing quite like gathering around a cozy fire with friends and family on a cool fall evening.As we head into the autumn season, families across the country will be lighting their outdoor fireplaces.While they are great for entertaining, there is also the risk of fire damage if they are not used properly.According to the National Fire Protection Association, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces cause an average of 3,700 grass and brush fires every year.Some of these have caused significant damage to properties and homes.To help keep your family safe and reduce the risk of accidental brush fires, homeowners should keep these important safety tips in mind when using an outdoor fireplace.

Is It Too Late to Start a Summer Vegetable Garden?

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By now most people have their gardens well underway and you might be wondering if you missed your chance.The answer is “no!” Vegetable gardens actually produce for many months of the year and many plants need to be re-sown throughout the season anyway.Also, some vegetables even do better when the ground is nice and warm and crawling with worms.While it might not be the ideal time for every vegetable, there are still plenty that will thrive when planted in late summer.

It May be Mid-Summer, but Now is a Great Time to Find Deals on Outdoor Living Items

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Your backyard and patio might need a little sprucing up and for those of you who are frugal shoppers, the time has never been better to snag a great deal on outdoor living items.Everything from patio furniture, outdoor dining tables, outdoor rugs, garden accessories, to outdoor pottery is on sale during this time.While many people are saying goodbye to summer and preparing to welcome fall, those of us who love to get a great deal know that the time has never been better to purchase some of these summer staples.If your current patio furniture is on its last leg, now is a great time to start shopping for that beautiful new set.

Where to Find the Best Pottery besides Your Local Nursery

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Most would agree that a touch of greenery can make a big difference in a room.Likewise, a potted plant looks lovely adorning your front porch or back patio.But, before you head home with your new fern or flowers, remember that your plant needs a beautiful home in which to grow.If you really want to make a statement with your plant, you will need to purchase a nice pot or planter where you can display it.Whether you are looking for handmade ceramic planters, copper urns, or traditional terra-cotta pots, here are a few ideas for where to find the best pottery for your plant.

How to Select Flowers that Will Bloom All Season

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Each year in spring, homeowners are eager to get outside to plant flowers. They choose colorful flowers, lay fresh mulch, and step back to admire their blooming garden. But, what happens when those colorful blooms begin to fade in a matter of weeks as the weather turns hot? Gardeners often find themselves frustrated because they have to start the process all over again. If you want to enjoy the fruits of your gardening labor for an entire season, it is important to select the right flowers. This will ensure that your flowers will bloom all season long and you won’t have to keep replanting a new batch of plants. Here are a few tips for those who want a blooming garden year round.

Do Outside Gardening for Your Daily Therapy

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There’s nothing quite liking spending time in the garden and watching all of that hard work pay off when you garden is bursting with greenery and colorful blooms. However, horticulture has benefits far beyond what is pleasing to the eye. Research has revealed time and time again that gardening has a positive effect on our mental health. In fact, studies have found that gardening reduces mental health problems like depression and anxiety, and helps reduces stress and combat high blood pressure. Furthermore, it is great for improving physical fitness. So, the verdict is in: gardening is great for one’s overall well-being. Here are just a few of the reasons why gardening is a great form of a daily therapy.

It Provides a Sense of Responsibility

Having a living thing to care for gives us a sense of responsibility. If you don’t water, prune, or feed your plant it might die. This feeling of responsibility gives people a sense of purpose and self-worth. It also allows people to be nurturers.

Humans Desire a Connection with Nature

There is just something about the warmth of the sun on our face and the dirt on our hands. In an increasingly technological world, gardening gives us a chance to get outside and connect with nature. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors in green spaces contributes to lower stress levels and allows people to relax.

Gardening is Peaceful

For many people a garden is a place of peace and serenity. Spending time in a quiet garden with the sound of chirping birds in the background is very tranquil. Tending to plants allows us to tap into the carefree part of our world with no deadlines, no judgement, and no one to bother us.

Being Outdoors Releases Happy Hormones

When you are busy working in your garden and exercising your body, it increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine which are the hormones that make us feel good. Likewise, it decreases the levels of cortisol, a hormone related to stress.While your body might be tired after a gardening session, your mind will feel happy and relaxed.

Gardening is Beautiful

While there are numerous other reasons why gardening is beneficial, one of these reasons is quite simple: gardening is beautiful. When we surround ourselves by the vast beauty of plants, flowers, and trees we are reminded of just how beautiful our world is.As we listen to the soft sounds of nature, smell the fragrant aroma of the plants, and touch the soft dirt, we become one with this beautiful part of nature. Sometimes it’s nice to just take a few moments to enjoy the beauty around us.